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C-4 / C-5

C-4 / C-5

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  • Training

    One Day Training.
  • Extended Life Blades

    Upgrade to extended life blades.
  • Multiple Feed Guide Kits

    Additional guides to allow for processing from 2 or more material sources.
  • Substitute Upper or Lower Roller (C-4 only)

    Upgrade upper roller to Ground Steel, Knurled or Metal Spray. Upgrade lower roller to Neoprene, Knurled or Metal Spray.
  • Material Run-Out Switch

    Switch will shut down machine operation if material is out.
  • C-4 / C-5 Wire Marker Interface

    Interface to operate Artos brand wire markers for end marking only.
  • Spare Parts Kit

    A kit containing common replacement parts.

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