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  • Installation and Training

    Installation and training by Artos direct technicians.
  • CS-327 Three Blade Cutterhead

    Provides a cutterhead with one pair of cutting blades, and two pairs of stripping blades.
  • Additional Guide Kits

    Additional guide kits for running various wire sizes.
  • CS-327 Large Wire Kit

    Increases the maximum wire diameter from 30 mm (1.25 inch) to 35 mm (1.5 inch).
  • Stripping Blades

    Stripping blades are not included, and must be purchased to match your wire size.
  • Special Steel Cable Cut-Off Blades

    Upgrade to Cut-off blades designed for cutting steel cable.
  • CS-327 Heavy Duty Wire Straightener

    Device to straighten wire. Available in Vertical Axis only or Both Vertical / Horizontal Axis.
  • CS-327 Axial Wire Slitting Device

    Programmable device to slit wire along the axis.
  • CS-327 Ink Jet Interface

    Interface for Imaje 9040 ink-jet system.
  • CD-17

    Coiling option for collecting long wires.
  • 1.5 Meter Collection Tray

    1.5 meter (59 inch) collection tray item 4-143091.
  • CD-16 3M Motorized Collector

    Three meter motorized long wire collector.
  • Spare Parts Kit

    A kit containing common replacement parts.

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