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Incorporated in 1911, Artos developed the world’s first wire processing machine in the 1920’s. Today, Artos Engineering stands out with its focus on customers, portfolio of products and wealth of experience in developing innovative applications for wire processing equipment. With headquarters in Brookfield, Wisconsin, our team of engineers, service technicians and customer service professionals custom tailor solutions in the industrial, automotive, appliance, electronics and aerospace markets. Now, after the acquisition by Komax Group in 2019, we’re using our engineering talent to open up exciting new possibilities in North America for both Artos and Komax platforms. Our Brookfield location will continue to focus on providing customer specific application engineering for the Komax Group within the America’s as well as specialized wire processing solutions for the global market.

Artos has delivered nearly 100,000 machines to high tech vertical markets and general industries. Our customers trust us to design technologically advanced, labor-saving machines that help them stay productive and gain a competitive edge. And since our line of automatic wire processing systems, bench-top machines and accessories are available through a network of international distributors, customers around the world can readily access our products and service when they need us most.

Artos Engineering is ISO-9001: 2015 certified. The scope of certification includes design and manufacturing of wire processing systems and machinery. ISO-9001:2015 certification requires that top managers of the company are involved and accountable, aligning quality with a wider business strategy. This assures that the whole management system acts as a preventive tool and encourages continuous improvement.

The acquisition by the Komax Group has enabled the company to take applications migrated from Artos to Komax machines to expand them far beyond their initial scope. Stronger together, Artos and Komax offer the broadest range of platforms and provide the most extensive knowledge base for solving customers’ unique wire processing applications

About the Komax Group

As the leading manufacturer of innovative and high-quality solutions for the wire processing industry, the Komax Group helps its customers implement economical and safe manufacturing processes, especially in the automotive supply sector. The Komax Group employs more than 2200 people worldwide and provides sales and service support via subsidiaries and independent agents in more than 60 countries.