LTC-2 Bench Top Crimping System


BROOKFIELD, Wis., Oct. XX, 2016 – Boost productivity with the new LTC-2 Bench Top Crimping System from Artos Engineering Company, a Brookfield-based manufacturer of wire processing equipment.

The LTC-2, designed to crimp loose connectors, can produce up to 2,248 lbs of crimping force despite its modest size. Because the unit weighs just 22 lbs and measures 12.59 inches long by 5.51 inches wide by 8.66 inches high, it can be easily moved between work centers with the built-in handle.

Crimping die sets can be quickly installed into the LTC-2 to crimp a variety of contacts, simplify complex connections an establish and accurate and reliable process. In addition, its all-electric operation eliminates the need for any pneumatic air supply.

“The LTC-2 Crimping Unit combines power and portability,” says John Olsen II, Artos Engineering Company president. “It’s a versatile system that will handle a wide range of crimping jobs with ease.”

About Artos Engineering Company

Founded in 1911 and based in Brookfield,Wis., Artos Engineering Corporation is an independently-owned manufacturer of wire processing equipment serving the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries.  For more information, visit

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