Artos Introduces LTC-3 Loose Terminal Crimper

BROOKFIELD, Wis., Oct. 8 – Artos Engineering Company, a Brookfield-based manufacturer of wire processing equipment, has introduced the Artos LTC-3 loose terminal crimper for use on the Cr.22 wire processor, adding pin-and-socket processing capabilities to the small-footprint unit.

The LTC-3 features a dual bowl design, allowing two different pins or sockets to be run in one station. The unit can be tooled to handle wires from 24-12 AWG (0.25mm2 to 4.0mm2), with each unit capable of processing a two wire size range. By adding two LTC-3 units, the Cr.22 can process any combination of pins and sockets on both sides of a wire, in addition to processing standard reel feed terminals without any change over. This capability has previously only been available on larger-platform, more expensive wire processors.

“We’ve had numerous requests from customers to automate pin-and-socket processing to expand production options and throughput,” says John Olsen II, Artos Engineering Company president. “We’ve responded by making the LTC-3 available as a station on the Cr.22 wire processor, which not only increases production flexibility but also eliminates the need for a separate unit and additional floor space.”

About Artos Engineering Company
Founded in 1911 and based in Brookfield,Wis., Artos Engineering Corporation is an independently-owned manufacturer of wire processing equipment serving the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries.  For more information, visit

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