Artos Introduces New SC-501 Multi-Wire Strip Crimp

BROOKFIELD, Wis., JULY XX, 2018 – Strip and crimp two wires at a time with the new SC-501 Multi-Wire Strip Crimp from Artos Engineering Company, a Brookfield, WI-based manufacturer of wire processing equipment. The SC-501 allows for the processing of jacketed cables, twisted pair wires, and other multi-wire applications requiring stripping and crimping.

The operator selects each step, which allows for a full range of processing capabilities. With modes for one, two, or three wire processing, the SC-501 handles all combinations of multi-wire applications. To ensure the stripping and crimping quality, the SC-501 pre-qualifies wire ends with a zero cut process, providing consistent stripping lengths and wire placement for crimping. A standard Crimp Force Monitor inspects each crimp for defects. 

The SC-501 provides quick set-up changes with the ability to program stripping length settings. Standard mini-style terminal applicators can be used with the SC-501 and applicator changes are fast and easy with a quick release adaptor. 

Other features include fast changeovers of the terminals and seal, PC controls that allow part parameters to be stored and recalled and a paper take-up and carrier strip cutter for collection of waste items.

About Artos Engineering Company

Founded in 1911 and based in Brookfield, Wis., Artos Engineering Corporation is an independently-owned manufacturer of wire processing equipment serving the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries.  For more information, visit 

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