Cr.01 Fully-Automated Mid-Range Processor


BROOKFIELD, Wis., May 1, 2017 – Artos Engineering Company, a Brookfield-based manufacturer of wire processing equipment, has introduced the Cr.01 Single End Processor, a small-footprint, mid-range wire processing solution that’s a fully-automated, affordable upgrade from benchtop-level productivity.

The Cr.01 enables operators to measure, cut, strip both ends and crimp one end of a wire lead with a single machine without investing in a more expensive double-ended processor. The new machine can increase throughput by approximately four times when compared to a standard wire prep and benchtop unit.

“The Cr.01 enables companies, particularly automotive wire harness manufacturers, to automate wire processing affordably.” says John Olsen II, Artos Engineering Company president. “By segmenting production to use single-crimp units instead of the larger double-crimp machines, automotive companies can improve production efficiency and reduce inventory, capital expenditures and floor space.”

The Cr.01 features a footprint that is 20% smaller than a double-ended processor. It handles wire sizes from 30 to 12 awg and open to closed-barrel terminals. Easy-loading dual wire straighteners improve processing and a smooth belt drive handles all wire types. A patent-pending Sencor System automatically sets stripping diameter.

Scrap collection and clean-up is simple: there’s a conveniently-located bad crimp separator, slug collection unit, empty terminal strip collector and waste-paper take-up reel.

The Cr.01 offers easy guide changes with handy guide storage, automatic programmable base height adjustment, an easy out and in servo driven terminating unit, an intuitive pc interface and built-in splice detection.

Numerous accessories are available for the Cr.01, including a crimp force monitor, paper take-up, sencor system, programmable Z-axis, integrated crimp height micrometer, wire splice detector, articulating wire infeed roller, manual and automatic testers and motorized collectors with batch tray.


About Artos Engineering Company

Founded in 1911 and based in Brookfield, Wis., Artos Engineering Corporation is an independently-owned manufacturer of wire processing equipment serving the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries.  For more information, visit

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