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  • 208 Volt, Single Phase

    Special 208, 1phase, 50/60 Hz Voltage (requires custom transformer).
  • Installation and Training

    Installation and training by Artos direct technicians.
  • CR Series Sencor

    Patent pending system for automatic setting of stripping blades.
  • TU-12-HD Heavy Duty Crimping Module

    Terminal crimping station with crimping force of up to 4800 lbs (2177 Kg).
  • CFM-2100 Crimp Force Monitor

    Learns "good" crimps and compares all crimps to learned good crimps.
  • Cart Assembly

    For pre-loading terminals and die onto a cart off line of the machine.
  • CR Series Paper Take-up

    Motorized collection of terminal reel paper.
  • Paper Take-up Drive

    Drive mechanism activates the paper take-up mounted on the cart assembly.
  • CR Series Programmable Z-Axis

    Motorized adjustment of the Z-Axis (up / down) for wire placement into the terminal.
  • Crimp Height Measurement

    Integrated crimp height micrometer.
  • Pull Test Verification - Manual Tester

    Integrated manual terminal pull testing station.
  • Pull Test Verification - Automatic Tester

    Integrated automatic terminal pull testing station.
  • CR Series Ink Jet Interface

    Interface for Imaje 9040 ink jet marking system.
  • 4-Meter Collector

    Upgrade to 4 meter motorized collector with batch sorter for long wire collection.
  • Bar Code Scanning

    Integration of a bar code scanning system for data entry.
  • Post Process Printer

    Integrated label printer for routing of material and traceability.
  • Spare Parts Kit

    A kit containing common replacement parts.

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