Heavy Duty Long Wire Linear Collector


The Komax CD-16 provides tangle free collection of long wires from 250-3000mm (10 – 118 Inches) processed on the Komax CS-327 unit. The heavy duty design of this collector
accommodates the needs of large cable processing. The CD-16 does not utilize a conveyor belt system, but instead uses synchronized rollers to guide the wire along the collector; eliminating belt noise and maintenance. Additionally, a uniquely designed sweeping bar gently and quickly places the wire into the collection trough. Being build on rolling casters, the CD-16 can be easily disconnected and rolled out of position when not in use.
Includes easy open guarding, manual cycle button, and system e-stop.


Collection of wires
from 250 to 3000mm (10 to 118 inches)
Maximum wire OD
30mm (1.180 inch).
Minimum wire size
4mm2 (12 AWG)
220V 1 Ph 50/60 Hz (power supplied via CS-327 interface cable).
Dimensions (L x W x H)
3140mm (124.00 in.) x 360 (14.25) x 1235 (48.75)
Shipment Weight
386 Kg (850 Lbs)
1 Wire Guide (specify wire size)
CS-327 Interface Cable (5-143855), Additional Guide

Specifications are subject to change without notice, and exceptions may apply depending on application, wire and other variables. Optional equipment may require standard machine modification and/or later specifications.