PT-5A Pull Tester

Wire Crimp Pull Tester

Measures pull-off force of crimped wire terminations. It is available as a benchtop or
integrated into an automatic crimping system.

The motorized automatic operation pulls at a fixed speed for consistent measurement and
precisely displays force values in pounds, kilograms or newtons.


  • Motorized clamp will apply up to 200 lbs. of force
  • Large backlit LCD screen displays real-time force, peak force, programmable pass/fail limits, units of measurement, and more.
  • Data can be transferred to a PC
  • Easy operation


Maximum Pull Force
200lbs (889 N)
Pull Speed
4in./min (101 mm/mm)
Measurement Accuracy
+ 0.1% of full scale
Total travel of clamp = 2.6 inches (66 mm)

Specifications are subject to change without notice, and exceptions may apply depending on application, wire and other variables. Optional equipment may require standard machine modification and/or later specifications.