Blind Seal Machine

Protect electrical connections with faster, more accurate seal and stick insertion.

When it comes to automated block sealing, haste means less waste. The new Komax TD-200 blind seal machine inserts 1 seal per second—3 times faster than manual operation. With greater accuracy and easier operation.  

An integrated camera monitors operation, showing all seal insertions and alerting for misplaced seals. Dual heads allow insertion of 2 different seals in one operation. The TD-200 also features feeding systems and scanner program recall for quick change overs. Touch screen programming makes operation easy and intuitive.

Discover how the new TD-200 makes seal insertion faster, smarter and easier.


  • Seals 3 times faster than manual operation
  • Greater accuracy
  • Easier operation
  • Automatic inspection
  • Plug or stick feeding systems
  • Scanner program recall
  • Touch-screen programming


  • Servo Driven X-Y Axis
  • Seal feeding unit is easy to access for loading
  • Windows-based PC HMI Interface featuring Komax Unity software
  • Easy Loading of housings
  • Dual rotation plate design allows for quick, simultaneous loading/unloading of housings during operation
  • Modular design allows for additional seal feeding units
  • Available vision inspection with reject sorting


Max. Housing Size
80 x 50mm (3.15 x 1.96 inch)
Symmetrical plastic, standard rubber, as well as non-standard round rubber Seals
Machine Dimensions (L*W*H)
1080 x 1220 x 1800 mm (44.5 x 48 x 70.9 Inch)
Seal Station (L*W*H)
730 x 870 x 690 mm (99.6 x 34.3 x 27.2 inch)
400KG (880 Lbs.)
220V 50 Hz or 110V 60 Hz

Specifications are subject to change without notice, and exceptions may apply depending on application, wire and other variables. Optional equipment may require standard machine modification and/or later specifications.