Reduce downtime, speed changeovers with Artos Engineering Productivity Pack

BROOKFIELD, Wis. – Artos Engineering Company, a Brookfield-based manufacturer of wire processing equipment, now offers the Artos Productivity Pack, a bundle of four new

options designed to maximize productivity, reduce downtime and speed changeovers in the most demanding high-mix production environments.

The Artos Productivity Pack is designed for the Cr.22 automatic crimping machine series. All optional accessories can be purchased separately.

“Production efficiency is more important than ever in today’s demanding marketplace ” says John Olsen II, Artos Engineering Company president. “Our Artos Productivity Pack will not only ensure product consistency, but will reduce downtime by both automating and allowing off-line set-up of machine changeovers, for efficient production of the smallest batch sizes.”

The new DuoCart®, a patent-pending, quick-change two-station cart from Artos, enables the operator to preload the next terminal while the machine is processing the current terminal. When the current job is completed, the operator simply rotates the cart 180 degrees to quickly install the next job. The front and back tooling configuration of the DuoCart, unlike conventional side-by-side tool shuttle systems, ensures the operator always loads the outwardly facing side where space is not constrained.

The patented Sencor® system automates the setting of the stripping blade depth, assuring quality stripping, regardless of changes in the wire diameter or wearing of stripping blades.

The Artos Productivity Pack also includes the newly-developed AccuCrimp® automatic crimp adjustment system, which provides for the automatic adjustment of the crimp height to meet required specifications. The operator no longer needs to manually adjust the crimping height to achieve the target crimp specification. Instead, the AccuCrimp reads the actual crimp height and automatically adjusts the press shut height to correct for any difference between the actual reading and the required specifications. In addition, the system automatically adjusts the crimp height for changes in wire gauges running in a common terminal.

Finally, with the dual wire straightener, the next job’s wire source may be preloaded through the wire straightener while the current job continues to run, further reducing set- up time.

The bundled Productivity Package advances the Cr.22 series’ best-in-class status for both high-volume and high-mix wire processing production. By reducing set up time, Artos continues to provide unique wire processing solutions for small batch production runs, allowing for reduced inventories and quality production.

About Artos Engineering Company

Founded in 1911 and based in Brookfield,Wis., Artos Engineering Corporation is an independently-owned manufacturer of wire processing equipment serving the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries. For more information,

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